The text of the “safeguard agreement” from the legal texts For example, the “special safeguard measures” provided for in Article 5 of the WTO agreement on agriculture and the “transitional guarantees” provided for in Article 6 of the WTO agreement on textiles and textiles only apply to agricultural or textile products. See chapters 6 and 9 of this book. The Protection Committee monitors and reports annually to the Goods Council on the overall implementation of the agreement. A member concerned with a protective measure may ask the committee to decide whether the measure complies with the rules of procedure of the agreements. At the request of members, the Committee may support consultations or consider proposals for retaliatory measures. It monitors the release of notified “grey zone” measures and verifies all security messages. The current chair is. Basic Introduction to the Safeguard Agreement Links to the “Safeguard measures” section of the WTO guide “Communicating with the WTO” New safeguards can only be implemented after an investigation by the relevant authorities in accordance with previously published procedures. Although the agreement does not include detailed procedural requirements, it does require appropriate public disclosure of the investigation and that of interested parties (importers, exporters, manufacturers, etc.) There is an opportunity to present their views and to react to the views of others. Whether or not a protective measure is in the public interest is a matter on which the opinion must be gathered. The competent authorities are required to publish a report in which they set out and explain their conclusions on all relevant issues, including evidence of the relevance of the factors examined. The agreement also contains specific rules for the handling of confidential information in the context of an investigation. The full text of the WTO Agreement on Safeguards is available in the Office of Trade Agreements and Compliance database.

2. In the absence of agreement in the Article 12 consultations, paragraph 3, within 30 days, the exporting members concerned are exempt, no later than 90 days after the application of the measure, from suspending the suspension at the end of a period of thirty days from the date on which the Council for Trade in Goods received a written notification of the suspension. , the application, under the 1994 GATT, of concessions or other commitments essentially equivalent to the trade of the member applying the safeguard measure which the Council for Trade in Goods does not disapprove of the suspension of this measure. The SG agreement, which expressly applies to all members in the same way, aims to clarify and strengthen GATT disciplines, including those of Article XIX; 2) restore multilateral control over measures to safeguard and eliminate measures beyond this control; and (3) to promote the structural adjustment of industries affected by increased imports, thereby strengthening competition in international markets. The repeated application of protection measures for a particular product is limited by the agreement. As a general rule, a safeguard clause can only be re-applied to a product after the expiry of a period equal to the duration of the original safeguard clause, as long as the non-request period is at least two years. b) In addition, a member cannot seek, take or maintain voluntary export restrictions, orderly marketing agreements or similar measures on the export or import side. (3), (4) These include measures taken by a single member and measures within the framework of agreements, agreements and agreements reached by two or more members.