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THE SOFTWARE will be allowed to be used only under the terms of this Agreement and will not be sold. 2. LICENSING. The Supplier grants you a non-exclusive, unlicensed, non-conceded license for the duration of this Agreement, in order to access and use the User`s Software and online documentation (the “Documentation”) subject to the terms of this Agreement. The licenses assigned to it are subject to your acceptance of this Contract and the full payment of the Software based on the names of the following packages. However, if you create an online contract, you make a big business decision. A lawyer can make sure that the agreement is properly written so that you can avoid legal issues on the road. It`s important! The WordPress theme or plugin software (the “software”) that you want to download from Notable Themes (a well-designed LLC brand) will only be allowed if you agree to the terms below. PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF THIS SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. WordPress (the team) provided their terms of use and privacy policy under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license.

You can copy the terms of use of, but it is important to keep in mind that your agreement is tailored to your own business needs, your own website functionality, etc. Your site`s URL When you create a website on, you get free use of a website in possession of a website, such as or You are not allowed to participate in “domain squatting,” resell an inappropriate number of sub-domains (as defined by us) or sell access to sub-domains. A privacy policy is a legal statement that defines what the business owner (website, mobile app, Facebook app, etc.) will do or will not do with the personal data collected by users. What a Privacy Agreement To get an idea of what a service contract or online contact might look like for your business, you can consult a standard contract.