Amanda Baillieu, who writes in Building Design, questioned the designer`s claims that the stadium was environmentally sustainable and good value for money. Instead, it is claimed that reality will be the opposite. In particular, she stated that: THE LLDC had stated several times during the previous meeting that West Ham`s rent did not cover the cost of matches in the stadium. Over the summer, Mid Tier`s Board of Honour was removed from the West Stand for athletics events, but the stadium`s owners refused to restore it, as it was questioned who would pay for the maintenance of the big screen. It has been reported that possible naming rights agreements for the stadium with the telecommunications company Vodafone and the Indian conglomerate Mahindra have collapsed, but Garner stressed that the main factor of significant losses remains the insufficient rent of the tenants. West Ham told BBC Sport that they had offered to help LLDC identify business opportunities and had only complied with the terms of their lease. The Muller Anniversary Games, the fourth anniversary, took place at the stadium from 22 to 23 July 2016. The IPC Grand Prix events were incorporated into diamond league events on the second day of the match. [200] At the event, Kendra Harrison broke the women`s 100-metre hurdle world record, a time that has been in place for 28 years. [201] The stadium consists of different stages; During the matches, the stadium was able to hold 80,000 spectators.

The base plan, which allows 25,000 seats, is a submerged elliptical bowl, made of low-carbon concrete; This contains 40 percent less carbon than conventional concrete. [20] The basic plan foundations are 5000 piles up to 20 meters deep. From there, there is a mixture of trained in-situ moulding piles, continuous flying snail piles and vibro concrete columns. The second level, which has 55,000 seats, is 315 m long, 256 m wide (840 ft) and 60 m high. [21] The stadium contains nearly a quarter of the steel as an Olympic stadium in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics, or about 10,700 tons (11,800 short tons). In addition to the minimum use of steel, which makes it 75 percent lighter, the stadium also uses high-efficiency tubes of large diameter, weary when completing North Sea pipeline projects in its compression support, recycled granite, and many construction products were transported by trains and barges and not by trucks. [22] The stadium also hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Paralympic Games. [89] During the Paralympic Games, world records were set on the track. Oxana Boturchuk[90] Martina Caironi,[91] Chen Junfei,[92] El Amin Chentouf,[93] China,[94] Libby Clegg,[90] Arnu Fourie,[90], Marie-Amelie le Fur,[92] Terezinha Guilhermina,[91] Mahmoud Khaldi,[92] Samwel Mushai Kimani,[93] Walid Ktila. [96] Liang Yongbin,[94] Rosemary Little,[97] Liu Ping,[98] Liu Wenjun,[94] Gunther Matzinger,[94] Michael McKillop,[95] Mateusz Michalski,[94] Yohansson Nascimento,[99] Oscar Pistorius,[99] David Prince,[94] Evgenii Shvetcov,[96] South Africa,[91] Leo Pekka Tahti,[90] Abraham Tarbei,[96] Iurii Tsaruk,[92] Richard Whitehead,[90] Abderrahim Zhiou,[96] Zhu Daqing and Zhou Guhua.

[90] Several track world records have been set by Yunidis Castillo[94][95] Assia El Hannouni,[10][10] Evan O`Hanlon,[101][101] Jason Smyth,[95][102][102] Fanie van der Merwe and Mar van Rhijn. [92] [94] [95] [101] [103] “Today`s decision provides us with a real platform to do so, and we are determined to make it a real success. We understand the responsibility to make the nation`s iconic Olympic Stadium, transformed into a world-class football stadium, our new home. It is an honour that we will be proud to welcome.┬áThe decision to use the stadium after the Olympic Games was taken by two tenders: the first was rejected on 11 October 2011 following concerns about EU competition law and, in particular, the risk of illegal state aid. [108] [109] [110] [111] Work began on August 13, 2013 with the removal of 25,000 places and the lawn of the field. [58] [59] The athletics track was covered with a 75 cm long layer of recycled concrete to protect it during the heaving. [60] In nove