In addition, some ATR teachers convicted of Law 3020-a on education would not be placed in temporary positions, but would remain in the rotation of ATR teachers from one school to another within the same district. The effects of the proposed agreement, in addition to the amendments to Bill 3020-a on education and protection procedures for teachers in the New York City Department of Education, would create two distinct categories of ATR teachers, which are part of a proposed new “teaching box” system that would distinguish between teachers; Head teachers; Appointed and permanent teachers; ATR teachers; ATR teachers who were reinstated after completing or settling an education law with a hearing during the 3020 period; And substitute teachers. “The Chancellor and his team have once again shown a complete lack of respect for headteachers, as we are still waiting for the DOE to publish information on the new memorandum they signed yesterday just before the closure of the activities, an agreement that the press has already reported,” the CSA said. “We are surprised that they apparently did not intend to warn and debrief the sponsors who must now find a way to implement their new agreement before it is widely released.” This new ATR agreement will make termination easier for you because Danielson sections are easier to handle. Remember that Danielson himself admitted that she would never use the headings to evaluate teachers. In a difficult class, it is very easy to become ineffective. Or any small false complaint from a student can also get you out. And some of you may never have a chance to regain your reputation, because no one will hire you permanently. The new ATR agreement cancels the 2014 and 2011 ATR agreements. It also follows the 2007-2009 contract by referring to ATRs. I guess we`ll continue to have S/U reviews. There is another group of ATRS that are overwhelmed for closed programs, low enrollment, loss of funding or whatever.

So, we`re going back to mandatory interviews? Are we going to shoot if there is no investment? What will the rotation look like? 2014 Accord was a correct weekly rotation? Looks like the DOE and the UFT are stunned when it comes to ATRS! Excess has always been hard, but it`s missed the service. The UFT should never have accepted this ATR substance. All membership fees have been significantly weakened. No teacher can really change, unless they are neophytes (without pressure) or are no more than 10 years old. All of these issues need to be part of the discussion when we consider a new treaty! The job losses of ATR teachers are usually due to the closure of poorly functioning schools. Teachers who are “exasperated” (licensed) due to school closures apply for positions in other schools or end up in a reserve pool if no school hires them. In addition, teachers who have been removed due to work delivery problems or problematic issues may be granted ATR status (if any) under a legal, regulatory or mandatory arbitration agreement.