When the expected order is approved and secured, the actual order is generated automatically and the sales contract is consummated. Intercompany business relationships can be established between lenders` accounts and receivable accounts in different legal entities. If an order or command is created for one of the parties, an Intercompany command chain is created. In the chain of orders, the order and the order are placed in the legal persons concerned. The “direct billing required” verification from the classification of sales contracts, as this requires the activation of the licence key for the public sector. Otherwise, the order of exit is grey. You can create a credit account based on the product access positions received so far, even if not all items for a particular order have yet been received. You can do it for example. B if a creditor sends an invoice per month covering all deliveries that the lender provides this month. Each access to the product is a partial or complete delivery of the items in the order.

1. Product Quantity Requirement – Obligation to purchase a certain quantity of a product Enter a name for your sales contract in the Occupieitel field. Click Create and a new command has been created. Hello Zeeshan, in your screenshot, the “New > publication” button should be activated. In my system, the only thing this button activates/deactivates is the state of the chord head. Create an order from a sales contract Once the agreement is reached, you can create sharing orders outside the agreement by clicking on the “New Share Command” button. You can specify the quantity and date of delivery. in this case, I wanted to open 1 inch and create several invoices for this order, and this order only takes place on the basis of the validity date, which is a year or an amount. Price conditions may vary depending on the type of commitment. The price conditions of the sales contracts put an end to all other price conditions established for trade agreements.

The following table describes the price-related fields that are affected by the different types of commitments. Fields containing “yes” can be updated in the control position. You can only choose a purchase agreement if you place an order. You cannot choose a purchase agreement after the order. In some situations where orders are generated indirectly, you can control whether supply Chain Management automatically searches for applicable purchase agreements. You can do it z.B. if you automatically fix scheduled commands or create command-based commands. The following guidelines influence the functioning of the link between a purchase obligation and the corresponding order positions: you can define a correspondence directive in the spirit of the purchase agreement. This line reconciliation directive takes into account the payment settings matching directive when the allow the cross-checking directive on the lender`s Parameters page (corresponding to the price and quantity in the information register) is set at a higher level than that set by the Business Directive.