SCCM 2012 R2 will not be supported on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008/R2 operating systems during their respective esu phases. However, for companies created at the time of applying for approval less than 3 years ago, the duration is limited to 2 years. Permission is granted for a period of five years. It is issued for a period of 2 years for companies created at the time of application. The support networks will be associated with this modernization of the procedure in order to facilitate the investigation process and speed up decision-making by state trainers. The content of ESUS` new application for authorisation was clarified by the ministerial decree of 5 August 2015. When the company is headquartered in another EU Member State, the company must be sent in three copies by letter recommended to the prefect of the department where the company is headquartered or, if it is headquartered in another EU Member State, from the department of its main establishment on French territory. To learn more about the Extended Security Update Program, and End of Support and Migration options for Window 7 and SQL and SQL and Windows Server 2008/R2, see the following articles: WHAT ARE THE RESSIVE ENTREPRISES IN THE RESPECT OF ESS ATEMENT CONDITIONS (in the “Right and ESS” category? Accreditation decisions are published in the collection of administrative acts of the prefecture of the department. .NET 3.5 SP1, .NET 4.5.2 and .NET 4.6 are supported during the Windows Server 2008 ESU. The application is accompanied by a file whose composition is defined in an order of August 5, 2015. January 2020 edits EDITED: URLs for SQL Server 2008/R2 ESU FAQs and Resources .

The criteria for exploitation are changing, but the objective remains the same: to direct private financing in solidarity to companies of social interest. Please select the folder corresponding to the structural situation. The ESUS accreditation is a “gateway” for solidarity companies and social entrepreneurs seeking access to financing for a number of solidarity savings, some of which have experienced strong growth in recent times. Extended Security Updates will be distributed if and when available. ESUs do not include new features, customer-requested non-security updates, or design change requests. Applications for “solidarity enterprise of social utility” accreditation must be filed with the management (Regional Election of Business, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment) by the legal representative of the application structure. In accordance with the 2015 decree, the condition of the significant effect is fulfilled if: to obtain the ESUS label, you must complete an ESUS certification file. IF “SOCIAL ENTERPRISE” IS STILL VALID, WHAT DOES THE LAW CHANGE FOR ITS USEFULNESS? Original publications: April 2, 2019 Updated: November 13, 2020 They aim to contribute to the fight against health, social, economic and cultural exclusion and inequality, to citizenship education, including through popular education, the maintenance and development of social ties or the maintenance and strengthening of territorial cohesion; – if necessary, in connection with a commercial company, an extract from the register of trade and companies, ESUS accreditation is generally granted for 5 years.