End our spa lease and it only took 6 months. I know very well that we have to inform the owner of a notification letter that we want to terminate the contract, but the contract stipulates that the deposit expires. My main concern is whether it would be possible to use half of the deposit we paid, which corresponds to our rental costs every 3 months? And the three months started on December 16th. We have to pay on Or before March 16. Please advise this hello Sir Nimrod… can inassumed po akong parpag-ibig property in. . Ka officemate ko po yung dating kann ari bei mga 2 jahre plang po nya nahuhulugan sa pag ibig. Nasa ibang bansa na po sya at sa akin po nya inoffer at nagkaroon po kami ng Deed of Sale sa halagang aming napagkasunduan. Safe po ba or secured po ang aking pinanghahawakang documents kahit sa kanya pa po naka pangalan pero ako na po ang nagpapatuloy ng kanyang monthly amortization sa pag ibig? Anio po ba ang dpat kong gawin? Salamat in! Can we accept a car loan upstairs? If you accept a car loan, you will take care of the original buyer`s vehicle payments and acquire ownership of the vehicle. However, not all lenders will allow the acceptance of a car loan and not all buyers will be allowed to enter into an existing contract.

Once the security has been successfully transferred to you, the previous owner will be exempt from credit obligations if you take the balance. Suppose the value of the property is P10M and that there is always an unpaid mortgage debt of P5M. The buyer can only pay the seller P5M and assume the obligation to settle the remaining debt of P5M to the creditor. And it`s up to the buyer to negotiate with the seller the actual purchase price. If you buy a property by accepting the credit, you take over someone else`s mortgage payment and at the same time pay the actual sale price of the property. Thus, the value of a particular home is 5 million P. with an outstanding mortgage balance of 2 million P. Depending on your negotiations with the seller, you can get the house for only one million pesos, since you take responsibility for paying the debt of P2 million to the creditor for the months or years to come. Hi Sir, Ask lang sana kasi may iaaassume kami na house pero naka under pag ibig housing loan. Mag eexecute kami ng deed of the sale with the acceptance of the mortgage. Yung name his title po diba naka under his original owner pero nasa pag ibig. Pwede po ba yan na i transfer namin ang title under our name pero nasa pag ibig pa rin para ma sure lang namin na kami na talaga ang owner ng house.

Kasi kung after my full paid na tsaka pa itransfer sa amin ang title that if mamatay po ang original owner? Magbabayad pa kami ng Inheritance rights? hello po Sir Nimrod, just ask for some information about accepting the mortgage, I took out a mortgage from the house and many yong seller is nasa Canada tapos sister niya yong binigyan niya authority to sign the documents by (SPA) so ano dapat kong hahawakan na documents galing his kanila?? danke po Hi Frau Sharon, usually pag CTS zustand longline, you have to send a letter of demand to the developer so that you can transfer the purchase to your buyer. Some developers charge a processing fee for the buyer`s transfer of between 10,000 and 50,000 pesos. Si kuufer na mag-apply for Bankfinanzierung/Hypotheken-Sa-Saldo.